about Linchpin Labs

Linchpin Labs and Azimuth Security are now called L3 Trenchant and have become part of L3 Technologies Inc. Find out more on the L3 Technologies website.

Linchpin Labs is a custom software development company with locations in Australia, Canada, UK, and USA. We service corporate and government clients globally. Founded in 2007, our particular expertise centers on cross-platform and low-level systems development as well as IT security services. Linchpin Labs developers bring extensive experience, knowledge and skill to each client solution we develop.

Our team offers a unique capability across a broad suite of environments, including Windows; Linux; Unix as well as major mobile platforms.

Examples of projects we have developed for our clients include:

  • Secure network communications, messaging, and data transport solutions.
  • Constrained-resource application development.
  • Intelligent data storage, retention and collection systems in distributed environments.
  • Guaranteed and high-availability “on-demand” data transport systems.
  • Automated test, provisioning and monitoring systems.

Linchpin Labs takes pride in ensuring the security and integrity of our client’s intellectual property. In this regard, we treat your confidentiality and interests with utmost importance and structure our work practices accordingly. Our primary goal is to ensure our client’s success, whatever the requirements: unique and specialized, or broad in scope, we will work with you to make it happen.

For further information about Linchpin Labs, our products, research, development or consultancy services please email or call Linchpin Labs using the information on the Contact page.