The best solutions start with great design.  Linchpin Labs designs are often derived from existing client knowledge and understanding of their own problem space:  we work directly with our clients at the outset to contribute our expertise in the production of foundational architectures, technical and operational strategies, as well as implementation plans.  In equal measure, on those occasions where our client may be understandably uncertain or unsure of the specific issue, Linchpin Labs can independently develop and propose design material for approval.

Linchpin Labs solutions involving significant consultation and client engagement have included:


  • A system for automatic updates and application rollout to remote internet-connected networks.
  • Implementation of secure messaging using client-specific protocols and specifications.
  • Integration and unification of existing client tools and software solutions.
  • Domain-specific data mining and retrieval. 


Linchpin Labs design capabilities are well suited for both unique and broad-scale challenges.  We’re focused on getting the job done right, and emphasize a balance between functional requirements and technical options, avoiding over-engineered solutions.  We’re driven to develop well-designed applications, capabilities and end-to-end solutions that fully meet and exceed our client’s expectations.