Linchpin Labs offers expertise and capability in software domains that are typically difficult to resource.  We are passionate about writing great software, and offer top-tier skill and expertise for domains that offer no room for error, particularly with system, low-level and operating system development.


To maintain leading-edge capability for our clients, Linchpin Labs invests heavily in research and innovation.  Our locations offer specialized equipment and test facilities, and our work process involves persistent experimentation and trial to unlock new approaches to both new and / or existing problems.  In general, Linchpin Labs assumes the risk and responsibility for this research, obviating our clients of the need to fund or contract potentially unproven technologies. 


Our a priori approach to research allows novel techniques and knowledge to be rapidly deployed into solutions for client use.  Furthermore, Linchpin Labs offers the option to transfer intellectual property to our clients in certain circumstances.  In this way, we can save our clients a significant amount of time and money without requiring the typical front-end investment.


Development doesn’t end once an application or system has been completed.  Linchpin Labs routinely conducts comprehensive testing and maintenance to update developed products, and ensure our clients can continue to their trust in their software.